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Derive I (detail) 2011 by Annalise Rees

Derive I (detail)  2011

steel wire, graphite, plexiglass

35 x 25 x 20cm

These are a series of five works related to the 'Neighbourhood' 2D drawings from the exhibition, "The Jumper and The Nail," at Adelaide Central Gallery 2011. These sculptures explore the possibilities of extending two dimensional drawing into three dimensional space. They continue an exploration of mapping and drawing to record a journey through and within the city of Montreal, Canada. The research for these works occurred in September 2010 in Montreal where I presented my project "Finding Place: mapping as process," with the International Cartographic Association's Arts & Cartography Working Group as part of "Mapping Environmental Issues in the City" a cross disciplinary project between visual artists and cartographers responding to a digital database about the city.